Title: Vows of Love
Client: The Diamond Trading Company (DTC)

Audience: Lovers and would-be lovers across Hong Kong

The Challenge:
Nothing says love like a diamond. The DTC wants to be hailed as THE premier diamond company. But the DTC has no shops of its own, but rather is a supplier of diamonds to jewelers. So how do you get people to hail DTC as the one and only symbol of eternal love, and seek out jewelry crafted with genuine DTC diamonds?

The Big Idea:
The only thing that comes close to expressing love like a diamond: Tell the WHOLE WORLD how much you're in love!

The DTC launched an online Christmas campaign (and later, a Valentine's Day one), between 13-25 December 2004. During the first few days, web banners enticed visitors to the DTC site and post their love messages. Their lover would then be notified by email, giving the campaign a viral element (plus word-of-mouth).

The best love message of the day was then posted on Yahoo.com.hk on the following day as a text link advert, driving more people to the site.

On Christmas Eve, the 3 most romantic message writers each won a 1-carat diamond!

The website also offered e-cards and tell-a-friend sections, further enhancing the viral quality of the site.

The Results:
Who says romance is dead? The Christmas Campaign was a phenomenal success. On top of media buzz, the site generated almost 50,000 visits and 2,522,683 page hits between these site users. The average visits per day: 2,898 (highest count for a single day 4,771). 1,838 messages were submitted. Our DTC screensaver was downloaded 1,148 times. And 482 e-cards were sent.

Vows of Love